Equipment performance deteriorates and machines break down…it’s inevitable. To minimize the impact, manufacturers and operators need answers to three simple questions:

What caused the problem?

Despite advanced diagnostics, hands-on troubleshooting is still required 65% of the time and consumes 40-50% of repair time. Accurately identifying underlying issues is the first-step toward lowering costs.

How fast can it be fixed?

Once the specific problems are isolated, connecting troubleshooting steps to service procedures and parts requirements accelerates the repair.

How can it be avoided in the future?

Capturing key details from troubleshooting activities reveals important factors that help engineering and product support improve equipment performance, recognize failure trends, develop corrective actions and increase reliability.

Increase Speed & Accuracy of Product & Customer Support

CaseBank provides a diagnosis, service and repair system which delivers maintenance feedback with failure trend analysis and reduces lifecycle costs by 5-10%.