Aberdeen Group Webinar Quantifies the Value of Applying Field Service Experience

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Last week CaseBank participated in a webinar led by Aberdeen Group’s Aly Pinder, Senior Research Analyst, Service Management. The topic was, “How Service Drives Excellence in Product Design” but their research measured more than just design benefits. (To playback the recorded webinar, click here.)

Among many things, the webinar addressed issues such as:

  • How field service will impact the future of product innovation
  • How integrating maintenance and engineering can improve your bottom line
  • How service improvements can drive efficiencies in your organization

Aberdeen Group research has found that today’s best-in-class manufacturers are 65% more likely than competitors to ensure lessons learned in the field are captured and applied to future product development and 42% more likely to have access to real-time service performance data. Top organizations no longer believe engineering and design can innovate in a silo, but strive to establish a link between field service and engineering.

As Pinder stated in the webinar “We all want to be considered experts in our business… but our functions cannot work in a vacuum; the service intelligence gleaned from interactions in the field is invaluable to the engineering and manufacturing teams… No one in engineering wants to see a large recall due to a defect, but having a link to service performance information is integral to finding solutions before they become widespread problems.”

To see the full webinar, click here.

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