CaseBank Advanced Diagnostic System Launched for Bombardier C Series Aircraft

Farnborough, U.K. - | Featured

CaseBank Technologies Inc. today announced that its flagship SpotLight troubleshooting system is being deployed for the all-new C Series aircraft as integrated in Bombardier’s electronic fault isolation manual (eFIM) system.

This eFIM system on the C Series aircraft is an integral part of Bombardier’s support infrastructure at the state-of-the-art Customer Response Centre in Mirabel, Québec and will be available to all licensed aircraft technicians at C Series operators’ facilities. This eFIM system completely replaces conventional troubleshooting manuals, by providing an interactive diagnostic software application to support the resolution of technical issues, if and when they arise. Bombardier’s eFIM system for the C Series aircraft is also being used in the formal technician type training curricula provided by Lufthansa Training.

Delivered through Bombardier’s new, dedicated, C Series portal, this eFIM system is fully integrated with Bombardier’s Navigator IETP — the suite of Interactive Electronic Technical Publications for the C Series aircraft. This will be the world’s first example of an interactive guided diagnostic system built exclusively from S1000D data modules, providing guided troubleshooting sessions for the entire aircraft, including airframe, engines and avionics, and allowing technicians to quickly and accurately determine the cause of problems that often demonstrate cross-system effects.

This eFIM system for the C Series aircraft provides interactive, contextual diagnostic guidance and replaces conventional troubleshooting guides and documentation; it is capable of fully compliant S1000D export for publications. SpotLight is already deployed for Bombardier’s CRJ Series regional jets and Q Series turboprops — branded by Bombardier as Aircraft Diagnostics Solutions (ADS Plus) within the company’s Customer Services iflybombardier portal.

This eFIM system has been designed to support in-service troubleshooting requirements for the C Series aircraft, and has been built collaboratively to meet Bombardier’s specific requirements.

About CaseBank Technologies

CaseBank's software solutions improve fault isolation and defect trend analysis for complex equipment and system repairs related to unplanned maintenance, supporting customers in a variety of industries, including commercial and military aerospace, rail, transportation, heavy equipment, utilities, petro-chemical and continuous process industries. CaseBank Technologies' products provide technicians with guided diagnostics, based on field experience combined with design information, to minimize equipment downtime and provide managers with visibility into fleet-wide failure modes to detect recurring or emerging faults and develop maintenance plans. With CaseBank, organizations can increase equipment availability, reduce operating costs, improve business performance and enhance customer satisfaction. Bombardier, C Series, CRJ Series, eFIM and Q Series are trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.
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