Gulfstream’s New G650ER Makes the World a Little Smaller

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By Andrea Giacomelli

“Thanks to the G650ER, the world just got a little smaller.” That’s what Scott Neal, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Gulfstream, had to say last week when the company announced the introduction of what is reported as being the world’s longest-range business jet—the G650ER (read the full announcement here). Available for a cool $66.5 million (new), we should see these aircraft in service by 2015. Apart from a 4,000lb increase in fuel capacity and max ramp and takeoff weight, structurally it remains very nearly similar to its predecessor.

The real hype surrounding the new luxury super-jet is over its unique range and ability to fly 7,500nm at Mach 0.85 or 6,400nm at Mach 0.90. The G650ER allows nonstop flights between cities like New York and Hong Kong, Dallas and Dubai, and San Francisco and Delhi. Flight tests have already set two new records currently pending with the National Aeronautic Association: the first by flying from Hong Kong to Teterboro, New Jersey, (7494nm), in just 14 hours and 7 minutes, and the second flying Los Angeles to Melbourne (6947nm) in 13 hours and 58 minutes. Both flights averaged a speed of Mach 0.86 and landed with fuel reserves in excess of the National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA) instrument flight rules (IFR) requirements.

Gulfstream has a long list of impressive customers, including billion-dollar corporations like Starbucks, Walmart and Nike. It is certain the order book for the G650ER will be equally impressive. And with such high profile customers, it’s no wonder Gulfstream puts such an emphasis on the quality of their service and support. Throughout the aviation industry Gulfstream is known for their superior customer service, a feature that gives the company a distinct edge on the playing field. Bob Agostino, a G650 pilot who has previously worked for other aircraft manufacturers, certainly believes it to be true. He told Business & Commercial Aviation, “Gulfstream’s product support is beyond belief, unquestionably the best in [his] 45 years of flying.”

For equipment manufacturers, superior service and support is key to building a loyal customer base as well as providing a competitive edge to attract new business. CaseBank’s technology solutions enhance product support and field service, so we understand how crucial it is to quickly diagnose and repair equipment—especially when they’re dealing with a $66.5 million aircraft. Gulfstream has had great success with the G650, selling over 60 since its introduction in 2012, and their mix of innovative products and excellent customer service should prove successful once again.

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