The SpotLight® and ChronicX® solutions offer robust technology solutions to companies that need to improve the time, cost, and quality of maintenance, repair, and support operations for complex equipment and processes. Each project has a team of experienced professionals that ensure every client has a successful implementation of our technology while placing minimal burden on our customer’s internal resources.


  • Fault Isolation Manuals Are Failing

    Traditional FIMs weren’t designed to meet the challenges of troubleshooting complex problems in diverse work environments.


    Engineering’s Blind Spot - Feedback From the Field

    Integrate Service and Engineering.


    Approaches to Diagnostic Knowledgebase Development

    A diagnostic knowledgebase contains fault and repair information derived from engineering design data, technical publications and real-world field experience.

  • SpotLight®

    Guided Diagnostics for Complex Equipment


    Recurring Defect Detection & Management

  • Aberdeen Group Webinar Recording

    “How Maintenance Drives Product and Service Design Excellence”. Service lifecycle management demands that organizations have the tools and teams in place to connect the field service team with the rest of the organization to drive efficiencies and improve future products and services. Presenter(s): Aly Pinder, Senior Research Analyst, Service Management, Aberdeen Group & John Snow, VP — Marketing and Strategic Alliances, CaseBank Technologies.

    Field Service USA Keynote Presentation

    Kids Today - Help Every Service Rep Act Like an Expert. This presentation addresses technological and cultural challenges facing service organizations and identifies some overlooked, but important, keys for success. Presenter(s): John Snow, VP — Marketing and Strategic Alliances, CaseBank Technologies

    Predikto Webinar Recording

    "Uptime: Improve Reliability Regardless of Field Experience." During this webinar John Snow identifies ways to exploit IOT analysis and strategies to improve the cost, quality and time of equipment maintenance for better results. Speaker(s): John Snow, VP Marketing and Strategic Alliances, CaseBank Technologies.

What Our Customers Have To Say

“What took me 4 hours every day, now it takes me 5 minutes”

-- B777 Fleet Specialist