Software Solutions to Effectively Diagnose and Repair

Improve Dealer Service with SpotLight®. Automotive OEMs and dealerships turn to SpotLight because it helps service technicians quickly and effectively diagnose and repair equipment problems. SpotLight harvests the collective knowledge and experience of service technicians, identifies failure trends and contributing factors, and guides technicians through the service process, from fault isolation to repair procedures and parts catalogs.

How does SpotLight work?troubleshooting

  • Guides users through equipment troubleshooting processes based on a central knowledgebase of relevant information
  • Isolates the root cause of equipment problems
  • Captures the experiences of service technicians for use in maintenance planning, product design and customer support
  • Helps identify failure trends
  • Gathers lessons learned from experienced technicians
  • Provides product engineering departments with early warning of emerging problems, to identify corrective actions and improve products and systems.

Why choose SpotLight for maintenance diagnostics and service?

  • It delivers only relevant information rather than overwhelming service technicians with records of each failure occurrence.
  • It’s available 24×7; it never goes off shift, never takes a vacation, never changes jobs, and never retires.
  • It’s fast, user-friendly and secure.

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