Heavy Equipment


Solutions That Improve OEM and Dealer Support

Heavy equipment manufacturers rely on their customer support and dealerships to deliver superior field service and after-sales support. If they don’t provide excellent service, the manufacturer’s reputation and bottom line suffer.

But manufacturers need more than just effective dealerships or field service technicians; they need better systems to handle problems that are escalated to their call center, and they need methods to capture product feedback from the field. CaseBank’s technology is designed to simplify the high-stakes environment of product and customer support.

stock-photo-mogi-da-cruzes-sao-paulo-brazil-septermber-workers-mount-tractors-at-tractors-and-237869191Heavy equipment OEMs turn to CaseBank technology because it combines error codes from onboard systems with engineering troubleshooting guidance and real-world field experiences to optimize the performance of service technicians and call center personnel. Support organizations can leverage a complete knowledgebase of service knowledge and information, to quickly diagnose and guide the repair of equipment problems. As a result, OEMs provide faster, more accurate and more consistent support to their customers.

Equally important, OEM engineering departments benefit from CaseBank technology because they can gather troubleshooting information and service history feedback from the field. With this information they can improve product designs, and enhance Failure Reporting and Corrective Action (FRACAS) and Corrective Action/ Preventative Action (CAPA) plans.

How CaseBank Improves Heavy Equipment Service

  • Guides troubleshooting processes based on a central knowledgebase of failure modes, symptoms and defect history
  • Identifies the cause of equipment problems across multiple sub-systems
  • Automates service reporting and gathers lessons learned from experienced technicians
  • Captures experience from field service and call centers to improve product design and customer support
  • Helps identify failure trends within the “fleet” of deployed equipment (defects per unit)
  • Provides product engineering departments with early warning of emerging problems, to develop corrective actions and improve products and systems.

CaseBank Benefits for Heavy Equipment Servicestock-photo-industrial-workers-with-soil-compactor-during-road-construction-works-157194587

  • Accelerate repair time (MTTR)
  • Increase first-time-fix rate (FTFR)
  • Increase equipment uptime
  • Increase service revenue
  • Enhance CAPA/FRACAS plans
  • Decrease warranty costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Drive customer loyalty