High Technology

High Technology

Faster Repairs, Lower Costs, Better Support

Service engineers are constantly grappling with problems in complex equipment that require fast, efficient diagnosis and repair. Minimizing equipment downtime is crucial because each hour offline can cost an owner tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. And problems for owners quickly become problems for OEMs as the cost of customer support, performance guarantees and warranties quickly escalate. With the complexity of high tech equipment increasing every year the question becomes, “How can problems be diagnosed and repaired in minutes instead of hours?”

HealthcareCaseBank offers solutions that capture, share, analyze and report on the collective experience from equipment in the field, quickly guiding technicians,call centers and support engineers through the service process—from fault isolation to repair procedures and parts catalogs. The information gathered by CaseBank highlights recurring defects and emerging trends—information that is critical to corrective maintenance actions and product redesign.

How CaseBank Improves High Tech ServiceTechnology

  • Guides troubleshooting processes based on a central knowledgebase of equipment problems and repair experience
  • Troubleshoots according to equipment configuration, operational environment, predictive analytics and required skillsets
  • Isolates the causes of equipment problems, even across multiple sub-systems
  • Provides reports on service experiences to improve maintenance planning, product design and customer support
  • Identifies failure trends within the “fleet” of deployed equipment (defects per unit)
  • Automates service reporting and highlights lessons learned from experienced technicians
  • Provides stand-alone/ disconnected equipment support in clean rooms and shielded environments

CaseBank Benefits for High Tech Service

  • Provides faster diagnosis and repairs (MTTR)
  • Increases uptime—more revenue generation with lower costs
  • Integrates fully with service, support, design and logistics systems
  • Captures and protects critical intellectual property (IP)