ChronicX® for Airlines

Recurring Defect Detection and Management

aircraft-hangarCaseBank’s ChronicX® product uses an innovative approach to analyze aircraft maintenance records and uncover hidden service trends such as:

  • Recurring problems, previously undetected, at both the tail number and fleet-level
  • Repeat defects/fixes that have occurred across multiple aircraft and/or repair stations
  • Emerging failure modes that have not yet reached critical status

ChronicX evaluates aircraft maintenance histories to accurately identify valid repeats and reduce false alerts, helping maintenance teams recognize the most costly and critical problems.

For airlines and MROs

  • Recognizes recurring/chronic defects (regardless of problem description or ATA code)
  • Improves fleet availability and utilization
  • Reduces unscheduled (and unnecessary) component replacements and aircraft downtime

Using ChronicX

The advanced algorithms within ChronicX identify, consolidate and rank recurring defects across aircraft and engine fleets, using text analysis and graphical presentation tools to convert historical maintenance data into critical information for both strategic and tactical decision support. By providing the complete repair history for each tail number, with repeat defects highlighted along with failed repair attempts, ChronicX reduces the persistent, repeat repairs that plague aircraft operators and MROs, and reduces unnecessary parts replacements. Beyond identifying defect patterns and incorrect fixes, ChronicX also highlights data entry problems by recognizing misspelled words and incorrect ATA references.

ChronicX Features

  • aircraft repairDisplays number of defects, downtime (with severity), and parts removals associated with each recurring defect
  • Enables users to investigate defect details and escalate specific, repeat faults
  • Presents defect data in multiple ways (by tail number, by number of removals, by number of events, by defect description, etc.)
  • Allows text analysis parameters to be customized to reflect relevant aviation and airline documentation standards
  • Employs multiple sources of maintenance records (PIREP, MAREP, MDC data, etc.)
  • Utilizes powerful graphical tools to ensure the most critical information is identified and highlighted
  • Encourages collaboration to properly identify and manage chronic issues
  • Tags and tracks repeat defects with status, category and risk over extended periods of time

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