Diagnostic Data Analyzer™

Diagnostic Information Management System

diagnostic data analyzerCaseBank’s Diagnostic Data Analyzer™ (DDA) processes, records and stores fault message history files for use in troubleshooting, failure trend analysis and maintenance planning processes. Applicable to any type of equipment that has electro-mechanical (or software-driven) components that include built-in-test (BIT) or prognostics and health monitoring (PHM) systems, DDA helps maintenance technicians and call centers interpret, analyze and apply these complex diagnostic codes.

DDA provides a single online repository where users can retrieve previous equipment diagnostics to perform pattern matching on error codes (looking for correlations) and failure trend analysis. DDA information can also be tied into CaseBank’s SpotLight® and ChronicX® solutions to further accelerate troubleshooting processes.

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For more information, download Diagnostic Data Analyzer Fact Sheet