Our Technology


Hybrid Reasoning Engine

The core technology behind CaseBank’s guided diagnostic software is hybrid reasoning. Hybrid reasoning combines rules-based and case-based reasoning, essentially enhancing the initial (best-guess) troubleshooting process with the collective experience of field technicians.

When troubleshooting complex equipment, CaseBank’s hybrid reasoning engine guides technicians to the root cause of each problem in the shortest time, with the fewest steps and the lowest cost (based on configurable attributes). CaseBank allows even the newest technician to act like an expert by combining detailed engineering knowledge with a constantly expanding volume of field experience to quickly repair broken equipment.

Flexible User Interface

While CaseBank’s patented hybrid reasoning engine works in the background, an easy-to-use interface guides technicians through a series of questions that have been proven to help identify the fault. As each question and symptom is answered, CaseBank narrows down the list of possible solutions and evaluates/displays the best questions to quickly confirm the problem.

User interactions with CaseBank can automatically adjust to a user’s skill-level, ensuring the most efficient path from unscheduled downtime to return-to-service.

Dynamic Knowledgebases

Each CaseBank solution is part of a larger knowledgebase (i.e. problem-solution database) that has been validated over time as a confirmed solution to a real maintenance and repair problem as experienced by the global equipment user community. As a result, CaseBank has been proven to dramatically improve first-time fix rates and reduce unscheduled part removals (i.e. no-fault-found parts).