Guided Diagnostics for Complex Equipment

aircraft maintenanceSpotLight is an interactive troubleshooting solution that guides service technicians and call center personnel through the process of isolating equipment problems and performance issues, while collecting field experience and sharing best practices.

SpotLight consists of two components, a diagnostic database containing symptoms, causes and solutions for equipment defects, and a diagnostic reasoning engine that uses the database to optimize troubleshooting processes. SpotLight continuously revises fault isolation steps by evaluating all known and projected failure modes, factoring in defect symptoms, problem frequency, and time and cost of performing diagnostic tests.

The SpotLight solution:

  • Consolidates equipment troubleshooting, diagnostic and field service knowledge
  • Delivers fast, accurate troubleshooting and repair guidance to call centers and service technicians
  • Collects/shares best practices and field experience
  • Updates quickly to reflect new and emerging failure modes and defects
  • Combines multiple information streams in a single location
  • Automatically generates troubleshooting/ service reports

SpotLight Benefits

General – Speed, Quality & Costmaintenance with tablet
Reduces Mean-Time-to-Repair (MTTR)
Improves First-Time-Fix (FTF)
Reduces No-Fault-Found Parts (NFF)
Increases Equipment Uptime
Reduces Unscheduled Removal Rate (URR)
Improves Equipment Reliability
Increases Customer Satisfaction

Improves Failure Reporting and Corrective Actions (FRACAS)
Identifies Failure Modes and Root Causes (reliability)
Early Warning for Emerging Failure Modes
Reduces Product & Service Lifecycle Costscall centers
Captures Field Experience (Repairs & Performance)

Call Center
Increases Customer Self-Service
Faster Support Calls
Fewer Repeat Calls
Feedback from Field

Field Service
Faster Diagnosis & Repair (uptime)
Fewer Repeat Visits (accuracy/ quality)
Just-in-Time Training/ Support
Collaboration/ Shared ExpertiseHealthcare

Technical Publications
Faster Publishing (creation & revision)
Standards-Based Documentation (S1000D, CSDB, etc.)
Protects Critical Intellectual Property
Captures Knowledge (knowledge retention)

SpotLight Features

  • Configuration-based troubleshooting guidance
  • Direct access to maintenance and repair
  • Online-offline support (with synchronization)
  • Seamless integration with enterprise systems:
    • M&E – Maintenance and engineering (workflow integration)
    • ERP – Logistics
    • PLM – Engineers
    • CMS – Technical publications
    • CRM – Helpdesk and field service
    • SLM – In-service engineering etc.
  • Single sign-on model for user authentication
  • Customizable user interface
  • Multi-lingual support

How Does SpotLight Work?

SpotLight uses diagnostic reasoning technology on top of a database of failure modes, symptoms and causes to guide users to the specific equipment defect. Once a solution has been identified, SpotLight seamlessly moves the user from diagnosing the problem to viewing the information needed to make a repair, including maintenance manuals, service bulletins and parts catalogs.

SpotLight captures and consolidates OEM troubleshooting guidance with operational field experience—effectively replacing the traditional troubleshooting guide—to allow maintenance teams to monitor, maintain and collaborate on equipment reliability and performance issues.

Contact us today to find out how SpotLight can help your organization improve the rate of successful repairs on the first attempt, reduce operating costs, lower business risk, and preserve valuable technician expertise.

For more information, download the SpotLight Fact Sheet.