Guided Diagnostics for Complex Equipment

Interactive diagnostic solution that accelerates troubleshooting, captures field experience and shares best practices.

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Recurring Defect Detection & Management

Interactive defect management solution that automates identification of recurring/chronic problems and improves reliability of fleets.

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Our Technology

CaseBank Technologies Inc., a Division of ATP, develops innovative software solutions for troubleshooting and identifying recurring defects on aircraft and other complex equipment. Using case-based reasoning, natural language processing and machine learning, CaseBank’s systems accelerate and improve the accuracy of operations, service and support decisions.

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Quickly and Accurately Identify More Chronic Alerts

The innovative technology of the ChronicX® solution helps maintenance engineers recognize and manage quickly recurring defects to help them to allocate their maintenance resources to the most critical and costly situations.

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CaseBank Solutions

Troubleshooting solutions for complex equipment that reduces the time and cost of achieving first-time-fix.

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Text mining solution for PIREPS/MAREPS that detects and manages recurring defects and hidden trends across aircraft fleets.

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Case Study

Download to learn how the ChronicX recurring defect management solution is being used by American Airlines.