CaseBank Technologies Inc., a Division of ATP, is the aviation industry’s leading software and services company that provides troubleshooting, reliability and defect trend analysis, so engineering and service teams can accelerate equipment repair, increase uptime, reduce warranty costs and enhance product support and performance. Founded in 1998, CaseBank has deep roots in the aerospace and defence industries and has deployed solutions worldwide to support Fortune 1000 companies.

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CaseBank’s SpotLight solution integrates seamlessly with PTC’s SLM Solutions to provide manufacturers with a turnkey solution that improves the speed and accuracy of troubleshooting and maintenance activities. PTC’s Service and Parts Information provides an organized and secure source of parts and service information that can be referenced directly from the SpotLight solution. Combining the SpotLight solution with PTC SLM results in a state-of-the-art solution that ensures manufacturers deliver fast, accurate product service and customer support.

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Troubleshooting solutions for complex equipment that reduces the time and cost of achieving first-time-fix.

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Text mining solution for PIREPS/MAREPS that detects and manages recurring defects and hidden trends across aircraft fleets.

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CaseBank is an active member of the Offset Market Exchange (OMX), which encompasses International offset trading and Canadian Industrial Technology Benefits (ITB, formerly IRB) requirements.