For aerospace and defense manufacturers, it’s critical for their field support to provide answers that increase equipment availability and reduce the costs of ownership.

The SpotLight® troubleshooting solution combines real-world field experience with engineering fault-isolation in a diagnostic database that guides support personnel through the service process, from problem diagnosis through to repair and warranty claims. As a result, maintenance technicians can quickly diagnose defects, identify root causes, and select the parts and procedures necessary to get complex equipment up and running again.

How the SpotLight® Solution Improves Aerospace & Defense Service

  • Guides troubleshooting processes, based on fault codes, failure modes, symptoms and defect history
  • Identifies the causes of equipment problems, across multiple sub-systems
  • Automates service reporting
  • Shares best practices of experienced technicians

How the SpotLight® Solution Improves Aerospace & Defense Support

  • Captures experience from field service and call centers to improve customer support and product reliability
  • Helps identify failure trends within the fleet of deployed equipment
  • Provides early warning of emerging problems, accelerating development of pre-emptive maintenance and corrective actions

How the SpotLight® Solution Benefits Aerospace & Defense

  • Accelerates repair time (MTTR)
  • Increases first-time-fix rate (FTF)
  • Reduces no-fault-found parts (NFF)
  • Increases equipment uptime
  • Enhances corrective action plans
  • Increases customer satisfaction


  • SpotLight® Guided Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Solution

    Improve Fault Isolation and Capture Field Experience


    Technical Briefing - Preserving the Mission: Mining Military Fleets Maintenance Records for Operational Gold

    Looks at the challenges faced by commercial and military fleet
    operations to recognize and manage recurring defects; and explains how a new intelligent technology and automated process is revolutionizing the industry.


  • Fault Isolation Manuals Are Failing

    Traditional FIMs weren’t designed to meet the challenges of troubleshooting complex problems in diverse work environments.


    Engineering’s Blind Spot - Feedback From the Field

    Integrate Service and Engineering.


    Approaches to Diagnostic Knowledgebase Development

    A diagnostic knowledgebase contains fault and repair information derived from engineering design data, technical publications and real-world field experience.


What Our Customers Have To Say

“I am not an expert with engines, but with SpotLight, I can troubleshoot like a pro”

-- Second Level Support Specialist