Aircraft OEMs turn to the SpotLight® solution because it enables maintenance technicians to access a complete diagnostic database of service experience and information, allowing them to quickly identify and repair equipment problems.

The SpotLight® solution, by combining error codes from onboard systems with engineering troubleshooting guidance and real-world field experience, enables both new and experienced service technicians to more effectively diagnose and repair aircraft.

OEM engineering and reliability departments also benefit from CaseBank technology by gathering detailed failure information, service history and technician feedback from the field. This data can help improve product design, and enhance reliability reporting (CAPA plans and FRACAS reports).

How the SpotLight® Solution Improves Aircraft Manufacturer's Service

  • Guides troubleshooting processes based on a diagnostic database of equipment problems and repair experience
  • Troubleshooting process adapts to equipment configuration, operational environment, predictive analytics and available skillsets
  • Interactive troubleshooting—not standardized procedures—available in the depot, hangar and flight line
  • Isolates the causes of equipment defects, across multiple sub-systems

How the SpotLight® Solution Improves Aircraft Manufacturer's Support

  • Identifies failure trends within the fleet of deployed equipment
  • Gathers lessons learned from field technicians
  • Automates service reporting
  • Organizes service experiences to improve maintenance planning, product design and customer support
  • Available 24/7: never off shift, on vacation, or retired
  • Supports equipment in disconnected environments: on the flight line and without network connections

How the SpotLight® Solution Benefits Aircraft Manufacturers

  • Accelerates repair time (MTTR)
  • Increases first-time-fix rate (FTF)
  • Reduces no-fault-found parts (NFF)
  • Increases equipment uptime
  • Enhances reliability reporting (CAPA plans and FRACAS reports)
  • Increases customer satisfaction


  • SpotLight® Guided Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Solution

    Improve Fault Isolation and Capture Field Experience


  • Fault Isolation Manuals Are Failing

    Traditional FIMs weren’t designed to meet the challenges of troubleshooting complex problems in diverse work environments.


    Engineering’s Blind Spot - Feedback From the Field

    Integrate Service and Engineering


    Approaches to Diagnostic Knowledgebase Development

    A diagnostic knowledgebase contains fault and repair information derived from engineering design data, technical publications and real-world field experience.


What Our Customers Have To Say

“I am not an expert with engines, but with SpotLight, I can troubleshoot like a pro”

-- Second Level Support Specialist