Aircraft maintenance technicians spend a great deal of time diagnosing equipment problems however, the complexity of aircraft systems may prevent them from isolating the root cause of a defect. Furthermore, the way a defect is described may lead the technician in the wrong direction or correlations to similar, previous defect reports is missed. Considering the high cost of aircraft downtime and the negative effect on customer satisfaction, airlines and MROs are under significant pressure to recognize recurring defects quickly and correct the underlying problem on the first try.

The ChronicX® solution helps maintenance supervisors recognize recurring defects quickly, allowing them to properly allocate their maintenance resources to the highest priority situations. The result is more accurate aircraft repairs, higher uptime and fewer delays and cancellations.

How the ChronicX® Solution Improves Airline Operations and MRO

  • Identifies recurring defects and trends faster and more accurately
  • Improves response to chronics, and non-alert chronics
  • Simplifies monitoring of problem aircraft and rogue systems
  • Monitors maintenance needs and initiate actions
  • Reduces AOG risk

How the ChronicX® Solution Benefits Airlines & MRO

  • Eliminates manual processing of maintenance reports
  • Accelerates resolution of repeats
  • Views, analyzes and filters all chronics by ATA, fleet, or individual aircraft
  • Monitors sensitive failures and problem tails
  • Tracks recurring defects
  • Enhances communication and collaboration in your organization
  • Complies easily with regulatory requirements


  • Quickly and Accurately Identify More Chronic Alerts

    The innovative technology of the ChronicX® solution helps maintenance engineers recognize and manage quickly recurring defects to help them to allocate their maintenance resources to the most critical and costly situations.

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  • ChronicX® Solution for Managing Recurring Defects

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What Our Customers Have To Say

“What took me 4 hours every day, now it takes me 5 minutes”

-- B777 Fleet Specialist