How Digital Twins and AI are Impacting MRO

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Aviation Week Intelligence Network: As the aircraft maintenance industry is safety-critical, and highly varied, making it digital is a tough task. CaseBank Technologies, inc., a Division of ATP, has taken on this task with its innovative SpotLight® and ChronicX® technology solutions. These solutions help isolate faults, identify recurring defects, reduce downtime, and improve efficiency of […]

Natural Language Processing for Aircraft Maintenance Explained

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Inside MRO: Inside MROThe most important information crucial for predictive maintenance and troubleshooting is in the form of words as opposed to numbers. Natural language processing (NLP) is the tool used for this kind of data. CaseBank Technologies, inc., a Division of ATP, uses NLP in its ChronicX solution that identifies, consolidates, and ranks recurring, […]

Go Live: Reaching Key People

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Aviation Week MRO Europe: Steve Lightstone, Vice President of Sales, CaseBank Technologies, Inc., a division of ATP, presented CaseBank’s ChronicX® solution at the Go Live Demo Theater. He presented ChronicX as a solution to help both airlines and maintenance, repair and overhaul companies to detect and manage recurring defects. Regardless of the ATA coding, ChronicX […]

ChronicX®: How it Was Developed and What it Does

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Aircraft IT MRO: An Engineer with a strong technical background in Software solutions and tools, Raman Sharma, Senior Product Manager, CaseBank Technologies, Inc., a division of ATP, is passionate about solving the practical problems in the aircraft maintenance world using technology enabled solutions. In this article, Raman discusses the past, present, and future of ChronicX®, the […]

American Airlines Addresses Repetitive Faults With Data

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Aircraft IT MRO: At the 2018 Aircraft Commerce & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference, American Airlines presented a Case Study introducing ChronicX® as a solution for mining valuable operational information from Maintenance Reports (MIREPs) and Pilot Reports (PIREPS) to quickly identify and correct repetitive issues. This case study stood out and gained some […]

UPS Drives Efficient Maintenance And Operations With Data Analytics

| Media Coverage UPS’s overall aim is to move from reactive to proactive maintenance. To achieve this, UPS uses its in-house system along with CaseBank Technologies’ ChronicX® application, to provide a graphical picture of Pilot Reports (PIREPS) and Maintenance Reports (MAREPS) that correlate with their existing data from their system. << Read the full article here >>

SIA Engineering Chooses Partners For Line Troubleshooting and Predictive Maintenance

| Media Coverage One of the main goals of SIA Engineering (SIAEC) is doing unscheduled maintenance as quickly and effectively as possible, which is where CaseBank Technologies comes in. Their SpotLight® and ChronicX® applications support 10,000 aircraft at 300 operators. SpotLight combines OEM data on failure modes with mechanics’ descriptions of past troubleshooting experience to guide mechanics through […]

Bombardier C Series: initial assessment

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Aircraft Commerce: A large part of engineering management and line maintenance is aircraft health monitoring (AHS). This is possible, as Bombardier provides an electronic fault isolation manual (eFIM) to operators. This product was developed by CaseBank Technologies, called SpotLight®. While CaseBank Technologies has developed the software behind eFIM, it is provided to Bombardier operators through […]