CaseBank Technologies, Inc. a Division of ATP, develops innovative software solutions that identify and help address defects on aircraft and other complex equipment. Using case-based reasoning, natural language processing and machine learning, CaseBank’s systems accelerate and improve the accuracy of operations, service and support decisions.

SpotLight® Technology

The SpotLight® solution delivers interactive troubleshooting for complex equipment that captures field experience and deploys best practices. It guides service technicians and call center personnel to quickly isolate the root cause of defects and performance issues.

The SpotLight® solution consists of two components, a diagnostic database that contains symptoms, causes and solutions for equipment defects, and a diagnostic reasoning engine that uses this database to optimize the troubleshooting process. SpotLight gathers information from multiple sources into a single location that can be updated quickly to reflect new and emerging failure modes and trends, and automatically generates troubleshooting/ service reports.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of SpotLight:

ChronicX® Technology

The ChronicX® solution delivers innovative capabilities for detecting and managing recurring defects on aircraft. ChronicX identifies, consolidates, and ranks recurring/ chronic defects (and potential chronics) across aircraft fleets, regardless of the assigned ATA coding, and highlights emerging defect trends.

The ChronicX® solution consists of two components, a remotely hosted service that employs advanced natural language processing and fuzzy logic to analyze maintenance records and pilot reports (PIREPS and MAREPS) and generate “clusters” of potential recurring defects. And an interactive user environment that filters and sorts chronic clusters according to fleet-type, tail number, and ATA code, to improve prioritization of the most costly and critical problems.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of ChronicX: