With more than seven years’ supporting the aviation industry, the ChronicX® solution helps airlines and MROs improve the health of their fleets. Providing an innovative approach for detecting and managing recurring defects, the ChronicX solution identifies, consolidates, and ranks recurring/ chronic defects, and potential chronics, across aircraft fleets, regardless of the assigned ATA coding.

Used by many of the world’s leading airlines, the ChronicX solution uncovers hidden trends such as recurring problems, previously undetected, at both the tail number and fleet-level and emerging failure modes that have not yet reached critical status. Additionally, Custom Alerts enable maintenance specialists and reliability engineers to respond to alerts with greater speed and accuracy.


Overview of ChronicX: What ChronicX Customers are Saying:

How the ChronicX® Solution Impacts Fleet Health

  • Identify recurring defects faster and more accurately
  • Detect defect trends automatically
  • Improve management of recurring defects
  • Expedite response to chronics, and non-alert chronics
  • Improve management and reporting of alerts with Custom Alerts

How the ChronicX® Solution Impacts Maintenance Control

  • Simplify monitoring of problem aircraft and rogue systems
  • Increase visibility of maintenance needs
  • Respond to recurring defects in near real-time
  • Avoid maintenance incidents
  • Reduce AOG risk
  • Initiate and track maintenance actions
  • Increase visibility of maintenance needs with your own custom alerts

How the ChronicX® Solution Impacts Reliability Groups

  • Eliminate manual processing of maintenance reports
  • Accelerate resolution of repeats
  • Conform to airline-specific definitions
  • View and analyze all your chronics
  • Filter chronics by ATA, fleet, or individual aircraft
  • Monitor sensitive failures and problem tails
  • Track recurring defects
  • Create custom alerts and alert rules to respond to alerts with greater speed and accuracy

How the ChronicX® Solution Impacts Reporting and Audits

  • Enhance communication and collaboration in your organization
  • Comply easily with regulatory requirements

How the ChronicX® Solution Works

  • Uses natural language processing and fuzzy logic to analyze maintenance records and pilot reports so that maintenance operators and reliability engineers can quickly identify valid repeats and fleet-wide problem areas.
  • ChronicX deploys intuitive graphic presentation tools that help maintenance engineers to properly assign the most costly and critical emerging problems to the appropriate teams, without the labor intensive task of inspecting large amounts of data.
  • Features Custom Alerts that alert maintenance engineers of single or more events of interest to them, within a defined number of days. It generates reports and sends email alerts

What Our Customers Have To Say

“What took me 4 hours every day, now it takes me 5 minutes”

-- B777 Fleet Specialist

"ChronicX is a more powerful analytical tool than we’ve ever had before, it has improved our process on a daily basis."

-- Director, Maintenance Operations Control

"Regulatory issues brought us to use the ChronicX program. After we started using it, it corrected all of the regulatory problems."

-- Operations Manager, Maintenance Control Center

"Time savings, workflow, reliability are definitely keywords to use when talking about this service. "

-- Manager, Maintenance Operations & Control

"ChronicX found a tremendous amount more receptive items than we knew even existed. We were able to fix these items at a quicker pace and they never escalated into major operational problems in the aircraft."

-- Operations Manager, Maintenance Control Center

"With ChronicX, ATA miscoding is no longer an issue with the word search and data mining. We can now find chronics trends that span across 3 or 4 different ATAs. "

-- Manager, Maintenance Operations & Control

"They were spending around 4 hours a day on our old program, and now they have cut that in half to around 2 hours. We are now working to find solutions rather than trying to find which items are repetitive."

-- Operations Manager, Maintenance Control Center

"When we got ChronicX, right away it was telling us 'well here’s your write-ups that are all tied together.' It made it a lot simpler to see the history of what’s going on with it. "

-- Manager of Maintenance Control

"We go from 4 people spending 2 days to process everything on our 155 aircraft to 4 people spending 30 mins a day just processing the trends in chronics. We can now focus our time on other aspects of the operation. "

-- Manager, Maintenance Operations & Control

"The benefit of having ChronicX to us is that right away has saved us hours of research before we have to go after the situation when it actually fails."

-- Manager of Maintenance Control


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