The SpotLight® interactive troubleshooting solution for complex equipment captures field experience and deploys best practices. It guides service technicians and call center personnel to quickly isolate the root cause of defects and performance issues. The SpotLight solution empowers all service and support personnel to consistently perform like experts.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of SpotLight:

How the SpotLight® Solution Impacts Speed, Quality & Cost

  • Reduces diagnostic time by 30% to 60%
  • Minimizes mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Improves first-time-fix rates (FTF)
  • Reduces no-fault-found parts (NFF)
  • Increases equipment uptime
  • Reduces unscheduled removal rate (URR)
  • Improves equipment design and reliability
  • Improves dealer support
  • Increases customer satisfaction

How the SpotLight® Solution Impacts Engineering

  • Improves failure reporting and corrective actions (FRACAS)
  • Identifies failure modes and root causes (reliability)
  • Early warning for emerging failure modes
  • Reduces product & service lifecycle costs
  • Captures field experience (repairs & performance)

How the SpotLight® Solution Impacts Call Centers

  • Increases customer self-service
  • Faster support calls
  • Fewer repeat calls
  • Feedback from field

How the SpotLight® Solution Impacts Field Service

  • Faster diagnosis & repair (uptime)
  • Fewer repeat visits (accuracy/ quality)
  • Just-in-time training/ Support
  • Collaboration/ shared expertise
  • Accurate/ consistent maintenance reports
  • Shorter user learning curve
  • Quickly deploys best practices
  • Accessible 24/7/365

How the SpotLight® Solution Impacts Technical Publications

  • Faster publishing (creation & revision)
  • Standards-based documentation (S1000D, CSDB, etc.)
  • Protects critical intellectual property
  • Captures knowledge (knowledge retention)

How the SpotLight® Solution Works

  • The SpotLight solution consists of two components, a diagnostic database that contains symptoms, causes and solutions for equipment defects, and a diagnostic reasoning engine that uses this database to optimize the troubleshooting process.
  • The SpotLight solution gathers information from multiple sources into a single location that can be updated quickly to reflect new and emerging failure modes and trends, and automatically generates troubleshooting/ service reports.


  • SpotLight® Guided Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Solution

    Improve Fault Isolation and Capture Field Experience


  • Fault Isolation Manuals Are Failing

    Traditional FIMs weren’t designed to meet the challenges of troubleshooting complex problems in diverse work environments.


    Engineering’s Blind Spot - Feedback From the Field

    Integrate Service and Engineering.


    Approaches to Diagnostic Knowledgebase Development

    A diagnostic knowledgebase contains fault and repair information derived from engineering design data, technical publications and real-world field experience.


    Perspective On Aviation Regulations Affecting Troubleshooting Guidance

    This white paper clarifies from a regulatory perspective, the role of of providing “guidance” for troubleshooting aircraft systems, versus providing instructions for maintenance and operation.